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Why is PageRank(PR) Important?

In order to understand the importance of PageRank, one needs to understand not only the search engines algorithm for PageRank but also the trend in the internet marketplace. Everyone knows that in order to rank well on search engines, their website would have good content and be well optimized. However, what they don't know is a lot of websites these days can be easily optimized. This is not a hard job to do for an experienced website developer.

Here's a scenerio:

You type into Google the keyword "website design". Immediately, there will be millions of web pages found. Now, out of the millions of pages, lets just say 500 of them will have good content and be equally well-designed. How will the search engine rank them then? They turn to link popularity, which has a direct influence on PageRank. The more incoming links from related sites that you have, the higher your PageRank which in turn increases your ranking on the search engine. However, you have to remember that your website must have good content and be well-optimized in order to receive this privilege.

Every business, organization, or individual that has a website wants to be number one in any search query, right?

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