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What is Link Exchange?

Link Exchange is the process of exchanging hyperlinks from one website to another content-related website. For example, a company selling art supplies would exchange links with a company manufacturing the types of products the art supplier sells. Another example would be two competing companies selling similiar products. Good link exchange will increase website PageRank, which in turn increases website traffic leading to increased sales. Poor link exchange such as "link farming" will actually harm website ranking. Be aware of companies who promise to link your site with thousands of others for a low, low price. All they do is link your website to link farms (sites that have no content, only links).

Our link exchange process doesn't violate search engine link exchange policy. Every link that we exchange with your website is hand-picked and 100% legitimate. By that, we mean it will adhere to the following:
  • Link page must have good PageRank (required by Google)
  • Link page must be recognized by other search engines
  • All links must be accessed within 2 clicks of the main page
  • Link page must not have more than 30 outgoing links
  • Websites must have similiar or related content as the exchange site
  • Websites must not have broken links
  • Websites must not have adult content, promote racism, or contain other questionable materials

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