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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about link exchange

1. Why is it a good idea to trade links?
The most important reason to trade links is to increase traffic to your website. When used properly, link exchange can increase the number of visitors to your website by the thousands. There are three main effects of having many links on the internet pointing to your site:
  • The link to your site will be seen on your link partner's site and people will click on it while browsing through your link partner's websites
  • You will be ranked higher with search engines if you have a higher link popularity. This means that your site will rank at, or near the top, of search results
  • Many search engines use what are called 'Spiders' to crawl through the internet and index new websites and update old ones. For example, if your site does not exist in Google, it means that your site hasn't been indexed yet. 'Spiders' will more easily and more often crawl your website if there are many links to it from other websites. Your site will be indexed quicker
2. How does your service help my site improve its link popularity?
All sites that are included in our directory are placed on static pages with very few links each, which are easily indexed by search engines. This increases your chances of search engines counting our linking to your site as a vote for your site.

3. Do you guarantee my site will receive more traffic and increased link popularity?
No. That depends on your site and the partnerships you set up with other websites through link exchanging. We only make it easier for you to find quality partners to exchange links with.

4. Why should I have a link exchange or resource directory on my website?
It's always a good idea for visitors to your website to see links to related sites. By exchanging links with other websites, you increase the number of links to your site. That, in turn, brings you more visitors and helps your search engine ranking. Having more sites that link to you signals the search engines that your site is a quality site and should be placed higher in search engine results.

5. Why text links and not banner ads?
Text links have been shown to outperform banner ads in click-thru ratios and effectiveness. Also, text links can be easily integrated into almost any webpage layout without distracting visitors.

6. How long will it take for my website listing to be approved?
Since each website listing is manually approved by our staff to ensure quality, your website listing may take up to three business days.

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