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The Link Exchange Directory

Welcome to The Link Exchange Directory. Your high quality Link Exchange and Link Partners Directory. If you are looking for websites to exchange links with or looking for online company to provide link exchange services for you. Then your search is over. You have come to the right place.

  1. We find websites that would want to exchange links with you
  2. We go through the reciprocal link exchange process on your behalf
  3. We create the html link pages and upload them to your website
  4. We continue to maintain and update your links keeping them current
  • Our link exchange process is done manually
  • There will be NO automated software installed on your server
  • All link pages uploaded to your server are in HTML format
  • We only select links of the highest quality
  • All reciprocal links must be recognizable by major search engines
  • There will be no broken or invalid links since we continually maintain them for you
  • We will NOT link to link farms or spam, adware or spyware websites
  • Our links contain NO adult-oriented, gambling or casino websites, or websites with questionable content

Yes, that's right. With this limited time introductory package. We'll exchange your site with another 100 quality websites for you completely FREE. Why is it FREE you might ask. We know that by giving 100 high quality exchanged links for FREE. Your website will receive much higher ranking on search engines. And we know that after you see that it works, you'll order more links from us to further increase your ranking on top search engines. We guarantee that.

  1. It takes too long to find quality websites that you want to exchange links with. This is an inherent problem in the link exchange industry. If you have been searching for quality links, you'll know what we mean.

  2. Even if you find the website you want to link with, they might not want to link back to you, wasting more of your time. Many inexperiened website owners or designers fall in this category because they simply don't have the knowledge to know which websites are likely to exchange links with them.

  3. Even if they want to link to you, their link page may not be indexed properly with the search engines. That means their pages have no Page Rank(PR). This kind of link exchange is useless and is is a huge problem with many websites. They either bury their link pages too deep in their websites, or they have an automated database-driven link exchange directory system where the search engines can't index them.

  4. Ok, you find a good website to link with and they seem to be interested in linking back with you. However, after you submit your link information via a form or via an email, they never reply. Unfortunately, it is very true that everyone does not have the time to maintain their link exchange directory because they would rather spend the time running their business.

  5. What if the link exchange is successful? A month, two months or longer down the road, they break the agreement and discard your links. This will have a reverse effect on your website. You even get lower Page Ranking(PR) because of this.

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